White Paper

A long-awaited version of 2020 has been finally released. It unexpectedly took somewhat longer than the previous version to provide the right and accurate indicators.

The earliest version, 1.0, was first published in September 2016 during the Photokina event in Cologne, Germany.

2 years later, it was updated as version 1.5. The VCX evaluation method was revised and updated to better reflect the user experience, compare scores from different shooting conditions, and make it more intuitive.

Version 2020, which is currently in use, has been upgraded more powerfully, resulting in a more detailed and realistic evaluation. Based on your feedback, VCX Forum has further refined the low-light test and included zoom, video, and selfie camera tests for various lighting conditions, perform 391 metrics.

VCX-Forum will keep working on the standardization in order to annually provides the further versions.

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