VCX Forum held the Annual General Meeting last month online as it was planed.

The main items of the agenda are listed below.

1. Elections

Benjamin was unanimously proposed as election supervisor. Benjamin took on the function of election supervisor during the general meeting.

The election outcomes
- President: Dietmar Wüller
- Vice President: Vijay Kishan Rao
- Secretary: Kate Jen
- Treasurer: Fengtian

According to the statutes of the VCX-Forum e.V., all board functions are re-elected after two years.

2. Association code update

The members approved the motion unanimously. The new association code will be validated from October.

3. Department reports

Each department head reported the year's operational performance and the next plan.


The participants discussed an additional department, separate from the standard department. There were no objections to the approaches; a further discussion will carry on with the board.

5. Conference plan for next year

VCX-Forum will organise the conference next year. The president of the board briefly introduced the plans and requested the members support with ideas, especially regarding marketing aspects.

Thanks again for your attention and support.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator