I am pleased to inform you that the video recording of the VCX seminar hosted by AMD in Taiwan is now available. Please find below a summary of the seminar event along with recording content: The link contains the VCX seminar video record, photos of the scene, VCX Best Score awards certificate, and slides materials after the submission of the visitors' book.

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The seminar event was inaugurated by Chairperson Dietmar Wüller, who welcomed all participants and provided an overview of the VCX Forum, its members, and active services. The following program was the VCX best-in-class award ceremony. This award ceremony was established to improve camera image quality in the ecosystem and enhance the motivation of VCX members. The awardees are:

  • Samsung: The Best VCX score, Best video quality
  • Xiaomi: The Best in low light
  • Vivo: The Best stabilisation performance

Uwe Artmann, chair of the VCX PhoneCam department, delivered a presentation on the VCX Score system and its development. The presentation included a detailed description of Phonecam testing tasks/metrics, missions expected in the next version, and the process of converting subjective evaluations to objective test values.

Anthony Orchard, chair of the VCX WebCam department, then presented the inspiration, background and direction of cooperation in the forum. Other topics also ducted were the WebCam test development process, the testing requirements, the scoring system, and KPIs.

Finally, Rich Harrington, a guest speaker from Radiant Imaging Labs, gave a talk on AI-based automatic image enhancement.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator