VCX has been founded as a nonprofit organization in 2017 to develop and provide an objective analysis of the camera quality in mobile devices.

At that time a version 1.5 of VCX was already available, which provided some basic and useful data about the image quality as well as the performance of the main camera in those devices.

Now VCX has made a big step forward. The new version v2020 that is released contains a lot more information e.g. on the low light performance of the camera, the video quality and the quality of the selfie camera. A new and more accurate handshake is used to challenge the image stabilization and with an extended low light evaluation, we lower the light level down to 1 lux.

All this has been a group effort by the VCX members to provide a meaningful quality evaluation for buyers of cell phones who want to know about its camera quality. I would like to thank everybody who has contributed so much time to make this happen.

The step between version 1.5 and v2020 has been a big one and therefore it took almost 3 years to come up with an upgrade. But after this version will come another one and therefore we will now start working on improving the test even further by e.g. looking into the moving parts of video analysis and addressing additional features.

VCX already is the most objective and versatile evaluation procedure.

We hope that you are satisfied with our work and help to spread the word about its existence. Should you have comments or wishes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dietmar Wueller President of VCX-Forum e.V.