- All assessment is transparent.

- The basis for all scores is impartial since there is no subjective evaluation. All scores evaluated by a computer.

- Because we do not aim for profit, so there are no biased investigations influenced by clients.

- Because all members carry out collaborative research, one company does not benefit particularly from the test method.

- Experts from the various manufacturers are involved, rather than just company.

Based on statistical approaches and new developments of the cellphone manufacturers, the expert team of VCX discusses additions and changes to the standard. The aim is to update the standard on a regular basis.
Through statistical user studies and market surveys, VCX has evaluated the use of cell phone and user preferences. These studies are the basis for the weighting factors of individual aspects in the test. Based on this data, a conclusion is drawn by members and experts in the VCX Forum.
It is the nature of a test method to always be a step behind the technical evolution. VCX always uses an objective approach based on measurements only and tries to stay up to date with its test method. The actual method used will always provide a good overview of the performance and quality of the camera, but it may never cover every single feature in a specific device.
VCX will not introduce subjective tests for cell phone cameras. The only subjective part of VCX is the weighting of each KPI in the total score which is agreed on by the experts when a new version is launched. After a new version is launched the score will only be based on the measurements and the related weighting factors.
The majority of the tested devices are purchased from the shop directly. However, during the last members meeting, a decision was taken to consider final production samples for testing. The reason for this consideration is that the users get the information way too late if VCX has to wait until a device is available in the shop.
The coordinator regularly researches the market and the board members decide according to the proposal of the coordinator. Proposals for devices from other members are also taken into consideration. When a sponsor supports VCX by providing test devices or payment, the coordinator may include them in the database.
Apart from the results published on the website, Trusted and certified labs have offered numerous VCX based services to their clients, which cannot be shared.
They are discussed and determined during the standard meeting by all the VCX members.
The test results published on our website are based on the results of our “Trusted laboratories” used to test the devices. We currently have two "Trusted Labs": one is the German Lab Image Engineering and the other one is the laboratory of Nomicam in Finland. A quality-assuring process is installed to guarantee very high consistency between the test results of the trusted labs.
Non-members and the public can only see the score on the website, the published test images and the measurement procedures on the white paper. Anyone can sponsor a test and in that case, is entitled to receive the detailed test result from VCX. To ensure the objectivity of the results the devices are handed to the trusted labs without mentioning the sponsor in case there is one.
VCX certified and trusted labs provide VCX test services to their clients which include test results. Part of the revenue is shared with the VCX-Forum which in turn uses it for the betterment of the forum, standard and other associated.
There are certain conditions to become a trusted lab provided in the Lab-Authority document. Please make an enquiry to the coordinator.
The purpose of a certified lab is to provide an independent opinion on a device and to enable companies that cannot afford the equipment to have a device tested. For manufacturers, they can test and score their own product for research and development, but they can’t show the score to the public and use the VCX logo.
VCX-Forum organizes regular inspections and consistently provides updates to synchronize all the test procedures and test environments in order to extract the same result from every trusted lab.
The published score is open source and anyone can check it. However, the right to use the logo and score for the marketing is only for the members.
VCX is a non-profit organization, it is run by members' contribution to the organization in general and to each department. Membership structure, duties, and other regulations are subject to the bylaws and the VCX association code.
Any person or institution who is a professional in the area of digital imaging can become a member.
The board is re-elected on a two-year term basis by the members.
VCX’s main purpose is to test devices and publish the VCX score on its website. This section together with a variety of interesting documents including the white paper is open to everyone. VCX also provides seminars and training on the standard and on testing cell phones in general. All other activities are usually restricted to members only and on certain occasions may be opened to the public.
VCX officially meets 3 times per year, and one of the meetings includes the annual general meeting that is a legal requirement for a non-profit organization. During the meetings, all members discuss marketing activities, developments, and improvements to the standard, and lab-related issues.
The VCX coordinator administrates the activities under the responsibility of the board members and funded by the membership fees.
VCX members are entitled to use the logo according to the logo policy as a marketing source.