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독립적 기관
순수하게 정보를 제공하기 위한 비영리 협회의 평가 시스템

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객관적 평가
완전하게 컴퓨터 계산으로 이루어진 디지털 분석

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진보적 연구
산업 내 실무자 및 전문가 공동 연구기관



  • Test chart update 29 Oct 2020

    The test chart has been updated

  • VCX-Forum Annual General Meeting 13 Oct 2020

    VCX Forum operates transparently and openly, VCX members can check all internal data and participate in the operation.

  • Meeting plan and update 21 Sep 2020

    VCX Annual general meeting will take place online. The website has a minor update for the visitors from China

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