In the past version 2019 (=1.5), it was easy to grasp information at a glance on the score list page because all subscores were listed with the VCX scores at once.
On the other hand, it was still hard to understand the correlation between the VCX score and the other subscores if the score proportion was not checked on the VCX white paper.

Therefore, in the 2020 version, which includes more content, all sub-scores can be checked on the details page, and you will only see the VCX score on the score list.

A small helping box has been implemented on the score details page; this will explain the proportion of the scores with its icons.

For details, click "Score proportion" located under the VCX score to open the additional explanation box, or hover the mouse cursor over the score to bring up a tooltip box.

The meaning of each icon is as follows:


We are working very hard to deliver all produced test information transparently and conveniently for the VCX-Forum website visitors. So please give us feedback if you experience any other inconveniences.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator