I would like to introduce some new updates.

I am pleased to announce that the Star Ratings and FAQ pages will be updated to make the VCX-score more convenient for users and to improve the transparency of the Forum.

As announced earlier, VCX-Forum now uses a star rating system to evaluate results in a more intuitive way for consumers. You can see the ratings directly on the scoreboard and check the details and the legend on the VCX book.

The website has also opened a FAQ page to answer your frequent questions about VCX. It's placed under the "About" tab. This will help you understand the VCX-Forum system with VCX-Book, whitepaper and the website contents. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask me.

We are preparing the guidelines on the test environment and testing procedure pages, these will be available soon.

Benjamin Pak
VCX-Forum Coordinator