The menu "What is VCX", where you can check the overall introduction of the VCX forum, has been changed so that it is possible to read it all at once by integrating the previously divided greeting messages and the organisation's foundation.

In particular, there is a "Download" section where you can download the materials frequently sought by the media and industry. From there, check the media kits, publications and guidelines if you need them.

Under the "Get Involved" menu related to your participation, you will find information about VCX Forum providing services, member lists, contributors, and the board of directors.

Now API for your blog, website, and media is available for your convenience. Additionally, VCX Forum can provide star rating badges on request. Please request these through the Contact page.

As the standard version is updated in the future, the Score page and the test environment page will also be updated, so please look forward to it.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator