VCX Services

1. Administrate the VCX Test

VCX-Forum e.V. offers the results and reports of the published tests to members and interested third parties for a price mentioned below. Though VCX forum has currently launched the WebCam profile, the test services are not yet available. The price table below applies only the smartphone tests for now, and will be updated once WebCam test services become available.

Q. Which devices get tested?
- The majority of tested devices are purchased from the open market. In some cases, the test is conducted on a final production sample, so data is available at launch. Test results explicitly state which situation applies.

Q. Publishing official results
- The final result is posted on the website and the requester will receive the report and images with detailed information.

Q. Testing of prototypes and pre-production samples
- The testing of prototypes, preproduction samples and other devices is not in the purview of VCXForum e.V. These devices can be tested by VCX approved labs - VFTL, VFCL. Approved labs are listed on the VCX website.

*This code only provides a framework. Details on the official VCX testing are provided in the Sponsors handbook.

 Under NDAPublication
Full Test 4.620€ 5.040€ 5.040€ 5.460€
Partial Test, Private Test Price is directely negotiated with the VFTL / VFCL

2. Publish the VCX standard and score

VCX-Forum e.V. is in charge of the official VCX test of cameras in mobile devices and the publication of the results. It aims at comparing objective aspects such as image quality, performance and response of mobile phone cameras, and on the other hand, it has the mission of educating consumers on how to select the phone with the best camera make the best use of it.

3. VCX Forum Membership

VCX-Forum is a membership system, mainly funded by an annual membership fee from the VCX-members, which are mostly mobile manufacturers and chipset vendors. All the members contribute equally to the financing.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to the Confidentiality Criteria document (C1 level), such as the
  • scoring calculation config file and test procedure document, is included in the membership fee for all regular and honorary members
  • All regular and honorary members are entitled to set up an affiliated lab by following the lab-authority rules and regulations
  • All members can use the VCX assets (e.g., logo) free of charge
  • All members have the opportunity to cooperate with the same field experts in many different companies
  • All members can sponsor a VCX test with competitive costs
  • The VCX-Forum e.V. will support all regular and honorary members in implementing VCX tests and usage

Membership fees are only used for the purposes of:

  • Independent VCX Measurements of mobile devices by trusted labs for publication on the website
  • Setting up and maintaining the VCX system
  • Organizing activities like e.g. measurements, conferences, lab certification, development of VCX tests in the future, running the secretariat and other member-related activities
  • Marketing VCX and VCX-Forum activities e.g Website
Regular individual member (consultants, journalists etc.) 5.000,00 €
Regular corporate member for corporations with turnover up to 5 Million € 5.000,00 €
Regular corporate member for corporations with turnover above 5 Million € 10.000,00 €
Supporting member (minimum fee) 10.000,00 €
Supporting members from academia (Universities, Colleges etc.) and non profit free of charge

* If the member is an individual consultant not working for just a single customer or somebody who runs his own business, the regular individual member fees apply.

4. Certify the labs for the VCX test

5. Consultation service through the Trusted Labs

6. Training

7. Licensing of VCX compliant tests

8. Assets and Media Licensing