Star Rating

A star based rating system in addition to the score. This will make it easier for everyone who is the market to buy a new device to understand the quality of the camera at a glance without getting into the details of the scoring system. For all who are interested in a bit of deep dive into the score, the details are always available. The star rating system will also make it easier for phone manufactures to communicate the quality of the cameras on smartphone in a simple and effective way. Let’s get into what this all means right away

5 Stars: crème de la crème. The camera offers top quality results out of the box and makes use of the best of the current technology. Among the 5 star phones, there might be minor differences in the features but overall these phones are a cut above the rest.

4 Stars: These cameras are top crop with little compromise. Some of these might offer a special feature set like ultra-wide angles, super-zooms, etc., which make them special. The phones that have earned 4.5 stars are the best among this

3 Stars: These phones will satisfy most people who are looking for a camera that performs effortlessly out of the box. They offer satisfying performance across the range. The phones earning 3.5 stars are the better ones among this bunch.

2 Stars: Mid-tier performance that could keep quite a few of us happy for most situations. These might not be the best for low light, zoom or fast focus but for everyday purposes, these would be perfect. The phones earning 2.5 stars are the better performers in this group.

1 Star: These phones provide acceptable performance out of the box for daily use. The phones with 1.5 stars perform better in this group.