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WebCam 2023 specifications

This document contains the specifications and test methods of the newly announced VCX Forum WebCam 2023.


This is a VCX Forum official logo image kit. The file includes colour and black-and-white versions of the organisation's trademarks and logos for PhoneCam and WebCam. If you are seeking logo information, Please click here.

Introduction book

This publication contains a general introduction to the forum. It contains stories about VCX Forum's history, purposes, principles, and more.


This Press kit is a brief of the organization's general information and activities.

Sponsors handbook

This document is intended to assist members in raising test requests. It describes the process and requirements to have a device tested against a version of the VCX standard. In addition, it is intended as a guide for the testing process and procedures.

Lab authority document

This document describes the class and authority of the VCX Forum's laboratory and the entire audit process.

Score Publication

The purpose of this document is to avoid any confusion and disputes that may arise from all official scores issued by VCX-Forum and posting activities on the official website, and to ensure that they are managed according to accurate guidelines.