The VCX Forum member meeting took place successfully at the local member in Cupertino on the 6th and 7th of October.

As it was a public event, non-VCX members also could join the event and see what it is happening in the organisation.

It was a great time as 65 people from 23 member companies joined in person as well as through conference calls, working on different tasks together for the new version and operations, putting competition aside.

During the 2 days, we had many missions:
- Check the status of current development and tasks, review of timeline, plan for Version 2023
- WebCam metric2score discussion
- Spec overview and gaps to completion
- Timeline to spec release
- Document access level
- Subjective study overview and effort report-out
- Extended Low Light, Metric
- WebCam Metric2Score deep-dive
- Integrating new partners into the VCX process
- AR/VR profile
- How to market VCX score - plan
- OEM’s leverage

After the member meeting, the Annual General Meeting took place. As an outcome, the VCX board member for 2021 was discharged, and a new cash auditor - Ariane Raschke, was elected. The activities of each department, operation, and finance were reported to the members and closely looked into.

Thank you for your attention and interest, and special thanks to the host member; all the participants had a great time.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator