#1. The VCX is expanding into PC cam assessment.

Following Lenovo, Intel and Dell, Microsoft has recently joined the VCX forum.
The specification is in active development; I personally hope this extends nicely to other partners.
Please check how the VCX Forum PC test assessment comes into the picture.

#2. The Annual General Meeting

VCX AGM is scheduled for September 28th, the VCX official event.

As with last year, all the members will attend to review the operation of the year.
In particular, there are elections of the Board of Directors of the VCX Forum, which is changed to a two-year term this year.
In addition, a voting session is planned to update member code for the latest situation.

A work meeting will also be held on the same day, and all meetings will be open to the public.

#3. Score Comparison

The VCX Forum website will have an additional score comparison page through the update for September 8th.
Until now, it was only available for the two test images comparison on the score detail page; however, users can now compare the scores and subscores of four devices as well as compare each image after the update.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator