The star rating has been implemented again in VCX 2020 version. The star rating ranges are divided as follows.

- 5 Stars: higher than 65
- 4.5 Stars: 64-63
- 4 Stars: 62-60
- 3.5 Stars: 59-57
- 3 Stars: 56-52
- 2.5 Stars: 51-47
- 2 Stars: 46-40
- 1.5 Stars: 39-33
- 1 Star: 32-27
- The scores below 27: They are considered unacceptable/unrated/no-stars; the results would still be published without the stars.

The rating can be checked on the score page, and numerical scores are also posted for consumers who want to see it more. When you click the toggle button under the legend, the table will be converted.

The ranking sort conditions are as follows.
- Star rating: The last tested model is at the top.
- Numerical score: Descending order

Like the 2019 version, VCX-Forum aims to release the scores more intuitively for consumers by providing a star rating system. With that, the consumers can now get a clearer look at the level of product the score applies to.

For further information on legend-specific details, please refer to the page 'Star Rating' or VCX book.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator