I would like to share the VCX-Forum Annual General Meeting outcomes.

We made great progress during the 5 days in Tampere. From the 15th to the 19th of June, the Annual General Meeting(AGM), Face to Face meeting and other planned programs were successfully carried out.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the attendees to the event in Tampere for coming all the way and supports from the members.

As a result of the election at the VCX-Forum AGM, the new board members listed below will lead VCX-Forum for next 2 years.

• Chairperson: Dietmar Wüller

• Substitute Chairperson: Vijay Kishan Rao

• Treasurer: Günter Reif

• Secretary: Kate Jen

• Standard department: Uwe Artmann

• Lab-Authority department: Vijay Kishan Rao

• Marketing department: Qi Bao

• Cash Audit: Veli Tapani Peltoketo and Pentti Väänänen

- VCX-Forum has reconfirmed that it is important to work together to build a transparent and objective standard.

- VCX-Forum set a plan to publish a star-based rating system in addition to the score. For all who are interested in a bit of deep dive into the score, the details, as well as whitepaper, will be always available.

- The VCX standard version 2.0 will be published soon.

- The next VCX F2F meeting will take place in Seoul, November. Around that time, VCX forum will conduct seminars in Seoul and highly demanded locations. If you have an interest, please let us know.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation for all the attention of you.

Benjamin, VCX-Forum Coordinator