A season has already passed, and new one has arrived. There have been many difficulties during the pandemic period, but it seems to be a little comforting because it is getting better as the days go by.

Since last year's member meeting, the VCX Forum members have been connecting through the standard meeting on Tuesday every 2 weeks.

The VCX Forum member meeting was scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of June. Unfortunately, Face to Face meetings are not possible, so we made it online to promote friendship, share ideas, interim inspection, and check improvements.

All participants from worldwide companies reviewed the process for the next version of the VCX Forum together, checked the overall flow, and shared their opinions and ideas.

As a result of the discussion, VCX-Forum will directly jump to Version 2022 from the current version. The forum system has been internally changed, distributing the tasks of each testing project to project owners and their team.

Ten projects for smartphone camera testing and also PC cam testing are actively under development, looking forward to published by next year.

As we work on the next version with more time, we seek to directly reflect the customer's view, and to become a fair standard.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator