The VCX Forum member meeting was successfully held in Taipei on May 25th and 26th, hosted by AMD.

The event was open to not only VCX members but also non-members. A total of 120 experts from 27 companies joined in person or through conference calls; the participants worked together on different tasks for the new version and operations, putting competition aside. We made a great deal of progress during the meeting thanks to all contributors and supporters.

For the two days, we had many missions:

  • VCX Tech Seminar for the non-members/media
  • Check the status of current development and tasks, review of timeline, plan for Version 2023 and following versions
  • WebCam/PhoneCam 'metric to score' discussion
  • Lab Authority level
  • XR profile established, gathering the team
  • Subjective study overview
  • Panel discussion: How to cooperate for VCX score promotion/symposium sponsorship plan
  • Pal Lab invited VCX forum members to a lab tour and briefly demonstrated VCX’s WebCam test and PhoneCam 3D scene equipment after the meeting
  • Integrating new partners into the VCX process

After the member meeting, the Annual General Meeting took place. As an outcome, the VCX board members for 2022 were discharged, and board members for the new term were elected. The activities of each department, operation, and finance were reported to the members and closely looked into.

Reported PhoneCam DPT's achievements and Milestones reached:

  • More detailed analysis of video performance, including dynamic behaviour
  • Checking all modules of a camera by additionally testing wide-angle modules
  • Testing in more challenging light scenarios
  • The outcome of the many studies in the process of developing the new version, including a large-scale user survey and multiple expert studies inside the VCX organisation

Reported WebCam DPT's achievements and Milestones reached:

  • Launch of VCX Webcam spec in November ‘22
  • Strong ecosystem involvement, with ~46% of VCX members coming from the PC ecosystem
  • Intel adopted VCX-WebCam 2023 for the Intel EVO program camera quality metric from 2023 forward
  • The lab certification process started, with multiple independent and ecosystem stakeholder labs in the process of bring-up
  • Short-term forecast: 1. First labs to certify expected in the next quarter, 2. Finalize changes and plans for the next spec revision
  • Long-term ambition (1-year forecast): 1. Release updated v1.x spec with small changes and bug fixes, 2. Continue development of next-generation metrics for the next major specification revision, 3. Complete development of v2.0 score and report building toolset

Thank you for your attention and interest, and special thanks to the hosting member - AMD; all the participants had a great time.

Benjamin Pak Coordinator