The VCX-Forum, which offers trust and vision, has been newly remodeled to make it more familiar to the public. The improved website is constructed as a flexible size accessible from various digital devices. It was supplemented to intuitively find the difficulty of users to find necessary contents and was re-born with a new design by addition of insufficient information.

The mobile page can be accessed by a variety of devices such as PC, tablet, and smartphone so that users can use the information immediately when they need it. Now we can provide customized content to users in different areas. The main focus is the page of the score and the overall introduction of the VCX.

Members of the association can log in, have a privilege, and explore more professional and detailed information.

VCX is evolving into an association that provides guidelines and solutions for Mobile Trend, not just a mobile camera evaluation agency. This website will steadily evolve to make it easy for the public to find, quickly and accurately find information about us. We will continue to plan for the convenience and communication of you through various new digital platforms.